Mission and values

Our mission

The mission of Coopérative de solidarité NOVaide is structured around the following objectives:

  • Providing affordable quality domestic services
  • Providing services that contribute to improved quality of life and promote home care for elders
  • Providing respite services to families and the general public
  • Bringing sustainable quality employment to residents in the served areas
  • Providing respite services to natural caregivers

Our values

As a solidarity cooperative, NOVaide contributes to the well-being of users, their loved ones, employees or partners. NOVaide is thus committed to embodying the following values:


  • Humanism :
    Respecting the dignity of people, listening to them and establishing a relationship of trust in order to help improve their self-esteem.
  • Professionalism :
    Acting efficiently and with kindness by treating others, users or employees, in the same manner one would want to be treated.
  • Transparency :
    Communicating with users and employees, ensuring indisputability and complete access to information.
  • Accessibility :
    Demonstrating collaboration and openness, with acceptance of the other and a will for community involvement.

Domestic help that is accessible and supportive

With NOVaide, financial assistance is available for home services support. Get informed!

Financial assistance